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Regain Energy To Do What You Love

Fatigued? Gaining Weight? Have you been told your labs are normal but don't feel right? Let us review and get you balanced! 

Optimal Hormones Medical

The Art of Patient-Centered Dosing

We believe in patient-centered care, surrounding you with the services you need to get AHEAD of the health curve to attain your OPTIMAL health.

We each have very unique needs and require specific attention to these in order to thrive. Our approach is in discussing these in detail and finding the exact right fit for each individual, man or woman. Through this we can achieve joy and healing – and live an ever-improving quality of life!

Optimal Hormones Medical
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Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

If you do, you may be suffering from hormonal imbalances, which can occur at any time in your life.

Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Decreased Sex Drive

Brain Fog / Memory Loss

Severe Headaches

Urinary Urgency / Urinary Incontinence


Mood Swings / Irritability


Lack of Concentration


Poor Quality Erections or Orgasms


Weight Gain

Low Body Temperature

Scalp Hair Loss


Frequent Bladder Infections

Optimal Hormones Medical
Optimal Hormones Medical

Trust Your Hormones To Dr. Karen Lottis!

Dr Lottis founded Optimal Hormomes Medical in 2018, with offices in both Wickenburg and Scottsdale. With 18 years of hands-on experience balancing natural hormones, thyroid and adrenal glands for men and women, she takes the time to listen and understand the cause of a person's symptoms. She and the Optimal Hormones team will develop a plan that works for YOU!

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Hear from Our Patients


"Dr. Lottis listens, and is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and genuinely cares about finding solutions for her patients"


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