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Hormones - Men

Optimal Hormones Medical
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​Andropause occurs when your body has decreasing testosterone and increasing estrogens. This leads to decreased libido or erectile dysfunction, increased chest and stomach fat, and multiple other symptoms as listed below.

  • At least 25% of males over 50 have low testosterone, many starting to lose testosterone as early as the mid 20’s, decreasing exponentially as they age

  • Adequate testosterone is absolutely critical to overall well being  

  • Low testosterone is common in men with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, muscle and bone loss, sleep apnea & other chronic diseases

  • Linked to early heart disease

  • Underdiagnosed

  • As T levels drop and men age, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be an issue. There is evidence to suggest that men that have intercourse less than once a week have greater potential for ED.

Benefits With Treatment

  • Increased muscle strength

  • Reduced body fat

  • Improves cholesterol

  • Enhanced libido and/or performance

  • Migraine headache relief

  • Increased energy, vitality & zest for life

  • Improved feeling of overall well-being

  • Improvement in mood or irritability

  • Relief of depression/anxiety symptoms

  • Improved cognitive clarity

  • Improved memory and focus

  • Cardiovascular protection

  • Increased bone strength

Two Men Fishing in the River
Optimal Hormones Medical

Why Optimal Hormones Medical for your hormone treatment?

We each have very unique needs and require specific attention to these needs in order to THRIVE. Our approach is to review your laboratory studies, but more importantly consider all of the factors such as symptoms, goals and aspirations in detail and find the exact right fit for each individual, men or women. One size does not fit all.

Optimal Hormones Medical
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