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Optimal Hormones Medical
Optimal Hormones Medical

Our Approach is Different Because We Provide Innovative Solutions for your Optimal Health

Our practice focuses on the “Art of Patient-Centered Dosing”.  We recognize the importance of balancing your hormones, thyroid, and adrenals with overall proper nutrition and fitness.

While our hormones are frequently genetically influenced, in this current day and age, we are exposed to multiple toxins through our air/food/water. Many of these toxins disrupt our endocrine system. Because of this, more people are facing imbalances in estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and/or thyroid. High stress levels can push our adrenal function out of balance. It is our belief that by balancing each of these hormones effectively, we can reclaim a high energy, youthful quality of life.

  • Bio-Identical hormones–all forms of delivery

  • Thyroid balancing

  • HPA-Axis, adrenal insufficiency

  • Multiple laboratories in our system for specialized testing

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