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Moods and our Hormones

Updated: Apr 7

Over the many years I’ve been in practice, one of the things I hear over and over – from both men and women is – “I just don’t feel like I used to”. One of the wonderful things about having a hormone specialty is the chance to bring back a sense of energy and vitality to those we have the opportunity to meet!

Whether fatigue is the major complaint or other issues such as lack of motivation to do anything, irritability, depression, anxiety or panic attacks – these are all signs that your hormones may not be balanced. While hormone deficits may have many other symptoms as well, mood disturbances are frequently associated with this – either subtle or severe. In fact, in many cases we are able to help decrease or completely wean anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications completely once we establish an optimum hormone balance.

Since 2006 I have specialized in natural hormone replacement and finding the right blend that is specific and unique to each individual. Many patients respond back after treatments – “Thank you – I’ve finally got my life and energy back!” Several individuals have actually stated that they were essentially crippled from depression and mood disturbances for decades, and with adequate hormone treatment they are able to live a full life again!  For a provider, there is no greater joy than helping people find their Optimal Selves!

Karen Lottis, PhD NP

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